Hello and welcome to our page!

My name is Kirti and my boyfriends name is Sergei. We have been together for 3 years now and this is our first long trip together! Aren’t you exited? Well I am…We made this page to share our journey with all of you and to have all these good moments written down and in video! But now, about us.

Like I said before, we have been together for 3 years. We met thanks to our job – we are dancers. At that time we both were working for a company called Dance Factory(fun fact: I am still dancing there). Basically it’s a great company, who does shows for ships that sail in the Baltic Sea. Mainly you can see them on Tallinn-Stockholm and Turku-Stockholm lines (if you are interested: www.dancefactory.ee).

So, back to us – we met on a boat called Baltic Princess and we were good friends for more than a year. But well…things changed. You know how love can be, right. Soon after that we moved to Tallinn(were there for 3 months), then to Riga and we have been living in Riga for  2 years. Why? Because Sergei is latvian and I am estonian. So, we wanted to try both countries to live in. Why not, right? We are still young (he is 29, I’m 23).

This trip that we are doing was actually Sergei’s idea. He loves to travel and so do I. He has seen of course more than me, because he has been also backpacking in Europe once with his friend, but it’s never enough. We are budget travelling, which means we don’t have a lot of money to spend. We have calculated everything out – gas prices, because we are driving with our car, food, souvenirs, showering, parking, beaches and of course some extra money for whatever we may need or want. I think it’s a great way to see the world, because with car you can see also a lot of small places and meet lot’s of new people while resting or sleeping. About sleeping, we are using the help of a tent and our car(Ford Focus). We have packed everything that we need for all of that and also all our food, clothes and extra things into our Ford.

So now you know about us a little bit more. Maybe something more will come up in our posts, we’ll see. And my native language is estonian, so I’m sorry, when sometimes I write something wrong or don’t put commas right. Enjoy our website and you can always write to us if you want to know more!