It’s already day 25. Can’t believe it. Only 6 days more and we’ve been away for a month already. WOW.

Our morning was very unusual. One big garbage truck was standing behind us and probably looking for our car owner. He didn’t know that we were in there. Luckily Sergei saw and while I was still lying on our „bed“, he started to drive away. He had no idea where to go, but we had to get away from there, because the truck wanted to empty trash. It was very funny ride – for me. I’ve never been like that on the bed, while he is driving.

After 10 minutes we found one resting place by the road, stopped car there and started to do our morning usual routine. Weird thing was, that all the cars were driving by and watching what are we doing.

I started to warm up yesterday’s spaghettis, while Sergei was making our car back to normal. Brushed teeth, ate and….what to do.

We had a long discussion about where we should go next. Our map said that next city is Marseille, but we both didn’t feel like visiting it, because we should drive more today. So that we did.

We put our stuff together and decided to have a long riding day. No sights, just driving. Our next destination is to see Nice and Monaco. Nice is more like a pit stop to probably go to the beach, but Monaco we definitely want to see.

From nine till two we were just driving. In the morning it was really cold and I was already scared, that today will be a cold weather. HAHA. Funny me. Still it got so warm like usual. Of course it looked again like desert all over the place. No green for a long time. Just yellow grass.

At two we both got hungry and turned into one LIDL that was by the road. France LIDL is not like in Spain. It’s a little bit more expensive. The cheapest bread we found was burger bread. This gave us an idea to just do our own burgers and eat them for lunch. We bought all the necessary things – cheese, ham, bread, one energy drink and one cheap cola – and drove one more hour to one gas station with a big resting place. There was also internet.

Feeling better, time to drive again. Not a surprise, that our car started to do some weird noise again. At least it was small-small noise, so maybe it’s nothing. Let’s hope.

By the road I did some pictures again of the amazing mountains. I really could get used to seeing this every day. So sad, that soon we won’t see these amazing views.

Around ten we arrived to our sleeping place. We found a sign meant for camping cars by the road and just turned down and went to sleep there. We didn’t actually go to the main place, because before it there was a parking lot, where we thought is good enough.

OH NO. Food time, BUT we are out of water. Ok, we have a little bit, but it’s definitely not enough for morning if we use a lot. We had only half of a 5l bottle.

We even tried to say really loud that we are out of water. Maybe someone offers us. But there was no one there. SAD.

Somehow, with not a lot of water, I boiled macaronis. We had also cheese left from daytime so I put it in there. At least not JUST macaronis. „AND KETCHUP“ like Sergei likes to say it. When we come back home, I think we both don’t want to eat macaronis with ketchup for a long time!

Funny was, that we ate from the same pot where we made our food, because we can’t waste water on washing a lot of dishes. Homeless I am saying.

Time to sleep this driving out! Tomorrow back to sightseeing!