You have no idea what happened with us! I think it’s time to share our amazingly weird day.

Morning was extra good today, because we both slept like babies. Again I woke up confused of how fast I fell asleep. Probably just so tired, that can’t remember. Sergei drove our car to the same place we had it yesterday evening before those teenagers and we started to do our food.

I’m so tired of this food already. Only spaghettis and macaronis. We need some shop to buy something else…anything! Nothing else to do, we had to eat our spaghettis with ketchup and drink our morning coffee – nothing has changed.

We got ready and made some pictures of the place, where we stayed at. I do them, because I tend to forget where are we staying in the end of some days, because we have so many places already visited. It’s easier just to do picture and then later if we’re watching I can remember.

In the morning it’s great to drive. It’s not hot outside still and the clouds are resting on the mountains.


Everything looks so calm and peaceful and….WHAT IS THIS SOUND!! Our car is making so loud sound, that we both can’t stand it anymore. It’s time to go and check it and then drive to Bern!

We started to drive towards some car repairing garages, that I found in Sygic, but most of them lead us just to the middle of nowhere.

Luckily one place was exactly by the road.

It was small, but a lot of cars were outside parking. We left our car across the street and went to ask can the guy check our car. he didn’t understand any English, but somehow Sergei managed and he told us to drive car closer. He drove with it inside, lift it up, took off one tire and said „KAPUT“. WHAT? No way.

Because we had problems with understanding him, we asked one guy across the street, can he translate what he is saying. He was helpful and came with us.

Basically one of our back tire is broken. I don’t know how are the parts called, but some things in the tire – it had some small balls in it – is broken and he said it’s too dangerous to drive with it. Also before taking it off he was pushing our tire and it was almost opened. Lucky us, that we came and checked it.

Now the hard part – he said, that he can order these parts on Monday and fix the car on Tuesday. It’s after 4 days, because today is Saturday. We explained, that we have everything in our car and tight budget. Maybe he can somehow fix it and we can at least drive to some bigger city, but he said it’s impossible. Even the guy, who was translating, felt bad for us.

What we could do? Nothing. We just have to stay there. He put our tire back to the car and drove it to the parking place. We sat long time in the car and thought what to do. Basically can’t do anything for 4 days. Thought about hitch hiking to Bern and back, sleeping in car for 4 days, going with tent to hike somewhere in mountains, be in hotel for 4 days…these ideas were running through our minds.

After an hour of thinking and searching, we decided to stay in a hotel for 4 days and 3 nights. Sadly it will be our last stay then, because it costs 180 euros. We don’t want to waste a lot of money on it later. We can handle somehow. Will shower in gas stations and find internet in McDonald’s. Life is still great!

We put our stuff together for hotel, left the car there and walked 10 minutes to the hotel.

It is called Hotel Ferrat. It also has a pool and wifi. No other option for us. Maybe it’s even good to have some real resting days. Then we can really be ready for next countries!

The women from the reception was sweet and gave us our room key – number 8.

When we got to the room, we weren’t so exited like previous ones, but still it has a double bed, bathroom and even a balcony – TV also of course.

First things first, time to search for some food shop. The reception woman told us there is a shop in one small city called Clelles.

We walked there.

Yes, she was right – there was a supermarket there, but it was extremely small and OOOOH how expensive.

We bought just cheese and cola and walked back to the hotel.

Later on we were in computers, watching random movies, doing food and falling asleep. Also we decided to skip some countries, because they are too far away to drive for us – Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Greece. Maybe some more, but for now we just thought, that if we want to get back with a driving car then we can’t drive 24 hours straight.

I’m just gonna let you know, that I won’t be writing about our days in this hotel, so I will skip them and write again, when we are back on our trip. If the guy can fix our car of course…