The last five days – yes five, not four, because they repaired it on the fifth day – were so relaxing for us. Even too much. We were both already waiting to get back to driving and visiting. I’m not gonna write about everything, but there are something that I would like to let you know about.

For example the hotel. It was called „Hotel Ferrat“. It had everything that we needed for these nights there. BUT it was way too expensive. One night was 62 euros. It was definitely overpriced. First of all, the „so called“ balcony was extremely small and you couldn’t actually go there. MOUNTAIN VIEW? Where? Only thing that we saw from our window was a bunch of trees covering the mountain. Bed was good and soft, only thing was that we had one long pillow. Not two small ones. Again, why? TV – only french language and like 10 channels overall. So basically pointless. There was no water boiler in the room or any tea/coffee. If you want, then you pay. No, thank you. Good thing was, that we got to go to the pool, even though the water was cold. We went there only once, because other days it was raining.

About the location. There was nothing there. Completely in the middle of nowhere. Yes, small city called Clelles, which had shop called Proxi, BUT it was so overpriced. With that money what we spent there, you can get twice as many things in LIDL.

Everything else, that happened will stay between us and the people who knows. If you really want to know, then you can quietly ask. At least we got our car back to us and it is fixed.

In the hotel, we decided that maybe it’s a sign that we should start heading towards home. So we are gonna skip some more countries and do just seven(Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland) countries more. Then we can be home already in the beginning of august, which is good. We’ll try to get work as fast as possible to earn back the money we spent on the car. Still we both think that we have seen a lot already this summer and learned a lot about how to travel with a car.

Now back to the trip. On the night, when we got back our car, we drove until one at night to our sleeping place. I was falling asleep and waking up after every five minutes until we found ourselves in a big parking lot. Made the bed and because there were a lot of teenagers, we drove away and slept next to the big road in another parking place.

In the morning – like any other one – we woke up and started our morning strong with teeth brushing and making coffee.

After drinking, made a few pictures of the place and left.

Before heading towards Milan, we wanted to buy some food. Because of the hotel, we didn’t have almost anything anymore to eat. Yesterday evening we even ate just noodle soup, because of no ketchup – just macaronis are not the greatest. We found a shop called Carrefour, where we have been also before, and went there to buy morning food and think what to eat in the evening. The prices actually weren’t so high like we thought, but still something told us not to buy evening food from there, so we just bought food for lunch and morning + a pack macaronis(just in case). Small morning eating done – time for driving.

Our destination was Milan. We already found a parking place there, which was 4 hours 11 euros. It was the cheapest that we could find, because well you know…it’s Milan – expensive.

It was a parking garage, where you drive in and they park your car, not you. We saw even how they did it. They took a car, then drove it on one spinning thing on the ground, which on its own moved the car to a big elevator. Then the elevator drove down and they let the car out on this spinning thing. It was the first time we both seen this kind of parking. Cool!

Gave our car, time for Milan centre. Of course we got a little bit lost in the beginning, but we caught up quickly and walked towards the sights that I pointed out on my map. The funniest part about our time in Milan was when we got our „hakuna matata“ bracelets. One black guy literally grabbed my hand and said take it. I was so confused what to do. I said I don’t need it, but he seemed so nice and smiley. What I can do, he was already putting it on my hand. Sergei also got one and he said it’s for good luck. Suddenly second guy came also to help the other guy out. Even though the bracelet was very small, we really need good luck in this point so I was even happy that he stopped us. We gave him one euro and went away. Oh yeah, one guy said I look like Shakira – hahaha.

After some time walking we made a quick eating break in a park. There was also cold water, which was good, because it was over 30 degrees outside. While we were eating, two small dogs appeared and just sat in front of us, watching how we are eating. Their owners were also close by, but they didn’t leave until we got up and left ourselves. Probably they thought we gonna give them our food, but no no no.

When we got back to our car, we realized that we were away actually less than we thought we gonna be, which is good, because then we don’t waste a lot of money on parking.

Overall what I can say about Milan. Nothing much. We were a little bit disappointed even. It is of course pretty and there is some very interesting places – especially in the centre – but for us it wasn’t very appealing. It was good, that we saw it, but I think we won’t come back.

We drove away from the city kind of easily and started to drive towards our sleeping place. Of course we did a quick shop break – this time to LIDL – to have some evening food and kept driving, around eight we were in our sleeping place. It was again just a parking place without any water, but one lake was close by. Maybe some swimming?

It was only 5-10 minute walk there. We packed our things and went to check it out.

It was vert rocky, but the water was warm and some people were swimming there. US TOOOO! It was soo good and not salty like previous times.

Quick dip done, time to walk back and do food.

We bought some tuna and Hamburger sauce to try and made our best – macaronis! It got already dark, so after eating we made the bed, drove our car closer to the big camper vans and fell asleep. Tomorrow will be very early morning waking up!