Can you imagine, we had alarm clock at 5 in the morning. Well, we both opened our eyes, but it was completely dark outside so we decided to sleep half an hour more. Which means, day 33 and waking up first time at 5:30 in the morning.

Actually it wasn’t so hard to get up, but of course it took some time. We drove our away from the camper vans and ate some yesterdays macaronis with coffee.

Around 6 cars started to come to this parking place, so we took our stuff and left. It was just a little bit past seven…

Today’s plan was to do two cities, because they are not very far away from each other. That’s why the early wake up.

First city was Verona. We were there already around eight-nine. At least finding a parking place was easy, because it was so early.

We thought that we gonna visit it for 5 hours, so we payed for parking 5 euros. I didn’t download any maps, but the good thing is, that in the city there are post with signs Free Wifi. I used the opportunity to get Verona map, because we had no idea where to walk.

Still we wanted a map. In the first hotel, Sergei came out with a map, which had no points to visit on it. It was just plain with street names. Well that’s not good enough for us. Little bit walking and we also saw second hotel, where we got a good map.

Actually the sights area wasn’t so big. We thought it will take us 5 hours, but actually after seeing almost all the points on our map, we just walked for 3 and a half hours. It was a good walk, especially because there were no people. We both don’t like to walk around in crowded places.

It’s way better to walk, when no one is slow in front of you or taking picture just when you want to walk by. Of course in the end we saw already people, because it was around twelve.

Overall we were full of energy and had a great mood.

We even got to refill our water bottles in a random street. We had only 2 with us, but even this helps!

We both liked Verona and overall Italy is such a beautiful country. There are a lot of smaller cities, where you can see a lot of gorgeous places. When we drove into Italy, Sergei already said that he likes here. Don’t even know why.

After strolling around in the city, we went back to our car, ate and started to drive towards our next destination – Venice.

We thought we had a lot of time now left, but actually the traffic slowed us down for one hour. Which meant that at three were were in Venice. Actually we were in a parking place before Venice.

We put our car there and one guy was kind enough to say which direction is bus stop. Bus number 5 took us exactly to the bus station in Venice.


Of course we didn’t have any kind of map with us, but while walking we understood, that we actually don’t need it much. We just walked by one big street next to the Grand Canal.

Yes, Venice is actually very pretty, but the people. I mean…where did you all come from. In the beginning it was good to walk around, but in the middle we just turned around and started to walk back to the bus station.  Of course we were also a little bit tired of walking.

I think, that if you don’t want to waste a lot of money, then you can skip Venice, because in there you should definitely give your money away for numerous things. For example, I found such a cool shop with self made earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. They all looked amazing, but sadly not this time, Kirti! Also you should definitely take a gondola ride. It’s like a must do thing, because Venice is a “water” city. This time for us we just can say that we saw a little bit of it, but will we come back for all those things…who knows. Maybe.

The bus back was full of people, because it was the airport bus. We got off before it and walked back to the car. It was almost six in the evening, which meant it was time to start driving towards our sleeping place in the next country.

Before arriving there, we did a quick eating break.

We have approximately 6 days until we’re back home and our gas is ending. Sadly we don’t know where we can get it also, because we haven’t seen any camping or even some shops, which looks like they could have it. It is probably still enough for morning also and then it’s empty.

Food done, time for more driving. Our parking place was exactly next to some big castle on the hill. We didn’t care much. Made the bed, brushed and went to sleep. Today was such a long day!