How hard it is to wake up? VERY HARD. We don’t even have planned any resting days until arriving back to Latvia, so we just have to push our sleep down and be active.

In the morning we used our last gas for food. It ended exactly when I was ready with warming up macaronis. At least we still got something to eat. We really need to start looking for gas!

After eating and drinking coffee it was time to get ready.

While Sergei was making pictures of the place, I was braiding my hair. It’s getting very dirty, so it’s better to just braid it.

In the morning the castle on the mountain didn’t look as good as it did in the evening with all the lights, but it was good enough.

Everything done, checked if we took all and drove off. This time it was a lot of up and down riding. I wasn’t even expecting it. There were small roads, which lead us to the middle of nowhere, but somehow there were still a lot of smaller cities. In one of them Sergei saw an opportunity to refill our water bottles. So good! We were already worried where we could do it, but at least he saw this place.

Water refilled, continue driving. The views again were amazing, probably the last ones what we can see from the mountains, because later it will be more smaller cities. Did some pictures – of course, because I’m obsessed – and in the end we got on a „normal“ road.

Before entering Ljubljana, we saw LIDL on the side of the road. Both agreed to do a stop there and buy something to eat and drink. The prices are almost the same cheap like we’ve been seeing before, so we got to buy our regular drinks and some extra things.

Small break done, time to visit the city.

We parked our car on the streets, because as it turned out, it was free on Saturdays. Lucky us!

What I can say about Ljubljana? Well, it’s really small actually, but even with it’s size, it’s so well taken care of. Everything is clean and people even wash the streets. The main sights were actually also kind of close by so it wasn’t hard to get for one place to another.

In the beginning of our walk, we usually don’t see a lot of people, but in the end they tend to just gently appear from somewhere. This time also. When we got to one market place, from out of nowhere we saw so many people. People were walking around or sitting in restaurants by the main canal.

We had our plan clear – find a magnet! And we did. It’s not very hard to find, when souvenir shops are literally around every corner in the Old Town. This time we got ours from the market place. One guy obviously made it by himself, but it was cheap and looked good for us so we bought it.

What more I liked was, that public toilets were free. I wish in every country it is like this. They also didn’t look so bad. I was so happy that we didn’t have to pay!

After walking around for 2 hours we realized, that we saw almost all points, what was on our map so we walked back to our car. We wanted to do a food break, but because there were some two guys next to us putting some things in car we decided to drive away and eat somewhere else. Somewhere else turned out to be a little bit more far than we both expected.

Around six we stopped again in LIDL and did some gentle shopping.

Also we had our small eating break. This time we ate NUTELLA. OK, it wasn’t real nutella, but it tastes so good. It was also just 2 euros. They have different tastes also, we took with caramel. I was so happy. NUTEEELLLAAAA.

OK get over it, Kirti. Time to start driving again. Our sleeping place was in Budapest and it took us 5-6 hours to drive there.

Funny part. For all this trip I’ve been wishing for the police to stop us in border and check our ID cards. AND IT FINALLY HAPPENED – 3 TIMES. Actually 2 times in border and once Sergei got to do an alcohol test. First time they checked our ID when we went from Slovenia to Croatia. One woman was watching mine for so long time. Maybe she was surprised how I look like. Or just confused. Don’t know. She gave us also some paper, which I read to Sergei out loud for no reason.

It was about how to drive in Croatia. Well, we weren’t gonna stay there, but still. Next time they stopped us when we went from Croatia to Hungary. This time one guy just took our ID cards in hand, didn’t even look closely and gave back. DONE.

We were driving already long and it was very dark.

Also it was Saturday and a lot of people were drunk and peeing in every corner(or puking – i will never know). After some time, we saw police standing in the middle of the road with some cars parked next and we had to stop also. It was alcohol test. Of course we were clear, but the guy who was next to us…OI OI OI. He looked like he had been drinking for days. His eyes were almost closed. Don’t you know, that it’s dangerous to drink and drive? AI AI AI.

Before our actual sleeping place, we stopped in some other big parking place. We decided to eat some more. We still didn’t have any gas so bread it was. Greatest food ever. Sergei then came up with the idea to stay where we are and not go to this other place. It overall looked like a small island so probably there will be a lot of people – because of water. Good. I was also fine with it and we just slept there. Made our bed in the darkness and went to sleep.

Budapest, here we come!