Do you want to know about one funny thing we do every morning? Even when you don’t want to know, I will still tell you. HAHA.

So basically, because Sergei is always the first one getting out from the car, he usually takes my shoes and waits until I come out. Then I put my feet first out and he is putting on my shoes for me. We call it „Prince Charming“. It’s so funny. Sometimes my prince Charming is a little bit sloppy also, so I have to help him put my shoes on correctly.

Morning like always – rough. At least sleep was great. Didn’t hear anything or anyone. Just sleep. I think I didn’t even see anything in dreams. Hmmm…

This morning, because of no gas for our oven, we had to eat just sausages and bread. It was so disappointing, but what to do.

After some eating and pictures we already got ready and left. It was eight in the morning.

We have one big problem  – shower. Haven’t even seen any places to wash by the road like gas stations…nothing. So believe it or not, we just drove away from the road, took our big water bottle and washed our hair and legs/arms/face in the forest. This is what we call „Chepasaurus“. No money, no place, but a lot of forest. Of course some people walked sometimes by and checked how we were washing our hair, but in this point neither of us cared. Overall, who cares what other people think. At least we had clothes on…

In Budapest we didn’t have a certain parking place found, because it was free everywhere – SUNDAY. We had one tourist point and we just found a parking, by putting it to our maps app and driving as close as we could. The place was by the water, so we parked there and went for a walk.

We started to walk by the water and already saw a lot of massive buildings. Little did we know that it was just the beginning. When we left the water and went deeper in the city we saw so many of them all over the place. Then we knew – there is definitely a lot to see.

After some time of walking and taking pictures, we saw some little souvenir shops. They were by one park, where was a big  – if I can call it – fountain, where people were sitting with their legs in water. Got magnet and went there also. SO COOOL. Water was so good and cold, outside was sun and hot. Perfect combination. We did a small banana eating and water drinking break and with heavy heart left that place. We really wanted to stay there more.

When we got our map, we saw that there is one street called Andrássy Avenue which is leading to the City Park. We have to walk there. We started to walk, but it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long. Like 1-2 hours.

The big red tourist busses were driving by, but us – cheapasauruses – walked and walked and walked and walked. When we finally got there, did some pictures and sat on the nearest bench we saw. HUUH, how great it was. Some orange drink and sausage, rest and back to business.

Fun was, that I wanted to go one way but Sergei other. We both were very strong and went to different directions. Some standing and staring at each other, Sergei gave up and came to me. Now back to business.

The walk back seemed like shorter, because we invented a game. It’s called „pretend you are a car and you want to pass me like a car“. Don’t even ask.

Walkingwalking and some more walking with walking and walking, we finally got to our car. It was over 30 degrees outside, which means that it was sauna in there. Sweaty, sweaty us.

Overall I can say, that after Brussels, Budapest is one of the places, which I want definitely to come back. Even though we walked so much to some of the places, I still would like to see more. We decided to stay only on one side of the water, because then we will never get out from here so next time we really should take a bus or something to see it all. It’s just so beautiful and I love the massive buildings!

Getting out of city wasn’t very hard. There was of course some traffic, because it’s us, but not a lot. Time for some internet. We found one McDonald’s and Burger King by the road, so we turned there. As it turned out, there was also a sports shop called „Decathlon“. Maybe there we can get more gas? NO. It was over, nothing, done. Lucky us, right. The guy said, that other shop is one hour away. Okay, but first internet. Ooooh how bad it was. The slowest McDonald’s internet I have ever seen. Still we sat there for a while, until we had enough and left. The shop was opened only till six so we had to drive really fast to get there.

Lucky us, we were there on time – even half hour before closing. NOT SO LUCKY US – still no gas there also. Amazing. This means no food for today. I mean warm food – sorry mom.

There was a food shop next to it called Tesco, so we decided to go there and buy some food to eat. This time we took also some yoghurts, because this bread is getting little bit annoying. At least this long one. The one that be bought in Tesco tasted so good and it smelled like popcorn!

Eating, drinking, resting – DONE. Driving. Next country – Slovakia.

Our place to stay for the night was in such an amazing place! It was so clean and there was free water also. When we arrived there by driving some desert looking roads, we put our car on the place and went for a walk.

We saw some – at least what looked like – stage, where probably some local parties are held. Also there was a small lake where we got to sit and just enjoy the moment.

It was getting dark, time to make bed and sleep. It was just ten-eleven so it promised to be a really good sleeping time! At least that we thought…