Just when you think that nothing else can go wrong anymore, something does.

At night I woke up feeling like I was sleeping on our boxes. Not the mattrasse, but the boxes. I was right. Sergei was also up and we were both wondering what is wrong. He decided to pump the mattrasse one more time, because maybe the hole was leaking so that he did – it was just after eleven. Falling asleep…how good…WHAT. Again. Okay, probably it has a whole in it. So us, in the complite darkness, took out our mattresse and started to look for the whole. Didn’t have to search long until we found it. But how to fix it now? We didn’t have any glue left so we tried with tape – NO, nailpolish – NO, one other tape – NO. Nothing worked. All this trying took about one hour so we decided to just sleep on the ground and push the boxes to the back. We still had enough room for both of us and got to straighten our legs also. I’m saying…just when you think everything is good, this happens.

In the morning, we woke up around seven, because we wanted to do two cities – two countries at once. It was very hard morning, because of sleeping on „rocks“, but we didn’t let us bother it much.

Still got our Nutella bread for breakfast, brushed-washed, refilled our water bottles, did pictures and went away.

Already around half past eight we were in Slovakia and not long after that we found a big shopping centre in the city centre where to out our car.

It was 3 hours free and this was definitely enough for us.

When we went into the shopping centre we were both amazed. It looked so pretty. Especially the toilets. I mean…wow. I went to the toilet and when I came out I told Sergei, that he has to go there. At least to see it. When he came out, he was the same amazed as me. It was so clean and everything was automatically working. The hand washing was so cool. You basically wash your hands and then dry them at the same place. Still…wow.

Ok, time to outside also. We did walk only 2-3 hours, because there is definitely not a lot to see there. At least that’s what we saw on our map. There were only few points, so we still walked there to see them.

Even though we didn’t walk a lot, my shoe still broke not almost completely. Just 3 days more! Keep it up!

We both weren’t so impressed by Bratislava. It looked a little bit like Riga. Still we didn’t want to skip it also and are happy that we visited it. At least we can say that we have been there now. After our visit, we went back to the car and drove to Austria to see Vienna. Around twelve we already crossed the border and about one’ish we were in the city.

Our parking place was exactly near to the Museums, so it was easy to find our way there.

Firstly I have to say that it actually was very hard to navigate there. We got lost several times and once one older lady just walked by and offered her help. She showed us where we are on a map and left. Then we already got to walk by ourselves. Of course me as the navigator, got lost in the beginning. Which leads us to secondly  – Vienna is so big city. There are so many small streets, where you can get so easily lost and not find a way back. Thirdly I can say, that it is very expensive. Magnets were over 2-3 euros, but luckily we got ours with 2.50.

Because of all the getting lost parts and the heat, we decided to go and buy some ice cream in McDonald’s.

I ate one McSundae and Sergei got a vanilla milk shake. They both were so good and cold, that we got some new energy to still keep going.

We decided not to go very far, because we were already so tired of walking and also the night before wasn’t the greatest so we took our destination back to the car.

On the way we saw one water refilling place. Can you imagine, there was also shower next to it. Just to push one button. Sergei didn’t see it, so I told him to come and see something and then push the button, but sadly I didn’t do it. He had the camera…it would’ve been great!

My favorite thing there was weirdly the traffic light signs for people. They were so cute.

Also on the way back to the car, I started to make pictures of the cars which ones I like. I like small ones so much and mint or light blue color would be perfect. So cute!

Our next county is Czech Republic so our destination was to there. But actually first of all we went again to the sports shop called Decathlon to check maybe here is this gas thing for us. YEEEEI. There was! How happy were we! Finally we got to do some warm food!

Time for some shop and then food. We decided to stick with noodles. So after our shopping time in LIDL we sat in the parking lot, boiled water and had our noodles. It was so warm outside, that I couldn’t sit in my seat so I was like homeless person sitting next to our car in a shadow on a paper eating noodles.

After our amazing food time was time to start heading back to the road. About half past eight we passed the Czech Republic border.

If you are wondering what I am doing all this time while Sergei then I will tell you know: play in my Ipad one Driving School game, then play all the Candy Crush kind of games I have, read my book, do crosswords, write blog, do random pictures, annoy Sergei when he is in his bubble, sleep 15 minutes after every 30 minutes, watch outside and while doing all this I tend to sing along all the songs in our playlist. Sometimes Sergei is trying also, but he don’t like singing a lot. He likes to listen how I am pretending to be a great singer…

About ten we both got hungry, so we stopped by the road to boil some macaronis. We still had some leftover sausages also, so it wasn’t JUST macaronis. Of course SAUCE also! What a big difference!

We started to search for our parking/sleeping place. Usually we use the Camping-cars website or Furgo site to find a place. For this one there was no pictures so we didn’t know what to expect and where we ended up with was really weird. It was some place, where taxi’s were standing. Also there was a gas station, but we stood a little bit away from it. Because it was already too dark and we were both very sleepy, we just decided to go with the flow and sleep there. At least no yelling people or lot of cars.