Before I start this post, I want to just say, that today is my dad’s birthday. I wish him the greatest day ever! He is the greatest-coolest-most amazing dad!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We are already getting used to not having a mattrasse. This time we put our blanket under us so it would at least be a little bit more softer to lay on. Of course it would be better to have something even better under, but this time it was the greatest option we had.

Our night was the same – both slept so good. I think it’s because we are extremely tired actually. We wish we could get one free day to rest, but it’s pointless because tomorrow night we will be in Sergei’s parents place already. So we can rest there also – while washing car and putting our stuff together + posting on website.

After teeth brushing and making bed, we drove away from this place.

We decided to make food and coffee somewhere else, because it was too crowded there already. We knew that to Prague was only one hour, but still hoped to find at least one place. NO. We didn’t. Also, our parking. We drove around the centre for a long time until we found that place, what Sergei marked on our map. When we drove there one man was waving us away and said that you need to have a reservation. AMAZING. Again some driving around, until we found a parking garage and just drove in it. Luckily we got to put our car there and go walk around.

Basically our morning already started not the greatest way. First no food or coffee, then no parking. What is this luck, ah?

We started to walk towards the Old Town, but by the road we saw one McDonald’s. We both knew, that if we not getting any food we won’t survive this day. So we just went in and took two breakfasts. Actually I have to say, that they tasted pretty good for McDonald’s. Of course we took the cheapest ones – toast with just cheese, small fries(Sergei took some other thing with potatoes which name we don’t know) and small coffee. It was almost 5 euros, so it wasn’t so expensive. Of course the toilet use was 50 cents. Oeh…

With our new energy we went to walk around. In Prague there is also a lot to see actually. We decided to stay only in the central area and not go across the river. In one place we also found water. It was so small well and we thought that it’s not working, but don’t judge by the look and size! It was so good cold water!

Hard part was, that there is no euros there. I am so bad at calculating how much is something in euros, so poor Sergei was already tired of my: „..but how much is this?“ questions.

We both like Prague, but I don’t think we will come back. Something was just off. Maybe it was because of the morning, don’t know. Still we saw a lot of places and got to do some pictures.

After walking around for three hours, we walked back to the car. I forgot to say, that the place where we parked was actually very small garage, but the guys did like this – you park your car where they show you, then you give your keys to them, because if someone wants to get out they maybe need to move your car and when you come back they will give you keys back. Such a good idea actually for these small garages. Then you can fit more cars in.

Got out and started to drive towards Poland. Drive was long. Now all the drives that we gonna do are gonna be long, because from Poland back to Latvia is also 10 hour drive. This time it was just 7 hours. Still we wanted to start driving as early as possible. So around three we already crossed the border. Of course it was still a long way to drive.

Straight after the border we wanted to find our favorite shop in Poland called Biedronka. It is just so cheap and we can buy so many things there! That we did. This time we even bought doghnuts for just 25 cents. Of course some other snacks and stuff that we need. Did a eating break, which was so good, and drove more.

Before nine Sergei got hungry. OK, time to do a normal food break also. We found a truck stop where was also toilet, so we just made our macaronis there. We found from this Biedronka also garlic sauce, which is soo good for the macaronis. I didn’t eat much, but still…

After food we both had a toilet break. When I walked in the room I saw shower sign. Just to try, maybe the door is opened. IT WAS. What? What it means? When I came out Sergei also said, that he also had shower, but with a line. Is it free? After asking one guy, who – I think – was living next to this small house is it free, he said yes. WOW. We need to shower definitely then!

Funny was, that we decided that it’s quicker when Sergei comes also to the girls one, because his was busy. So he waited until no one saw and ran in. Quick shower and secretly back out. It was so good and for FREE! Amazing! Of course some people watched us like we are insane, but who cares…we had the best feeling ever!

Again time to search for our sleeping place. I don’t know why, but after half past ten, when we already were almost there, our map showed that it’s someones house, where we should sleep. Weird. We can’t stay there of course. Started to drive more in front and suddenly we saw a big parking place. There were no cars except one – OURS. Definitely gonna sleep there now! Again made our car-bed, brushed and went to sleep.

Can’t believe that tomorrow we will be sleeping already in a bed. Little bit sad I must say.