Funny night. Sergei told me in the morning, that I woke up during night, sat and said „What we gonna do?“. He said to me: „We gonna sleep“. I think maybe it wasn’t good enough answer and I asked one more time. He told me to go to sleep and I just put my head on the pillow. DONE. Woke up in the morning with no memories of that incident at all. We laughed about it and got up.

It was HOPEFULLY our last noodle-macaroni meal, because it was our last night sleeping in a car. So we did our last packs and of course also coffee. Well, we have gas at least…

I have to say, that most of our clothes have seen life, so when we get home we probably gonna ether throw them away or just give to some charity place who needs them. To get started with it, there was a charity box in the parking lot, so Sergei gave away his t-shirt. It wasn’t in a really bad condition, but still…

Time to get a move on and leave this place.

We drove to Warsaw and found quickly our parking place. Of course it was morning like 7-8 so there was some traffic. Funny to think that people are going to work but Kirti and Sergei are going sightseeing. HEHE.

Sergei has been in Warsaw many times, so he wasn’t very exited about it. He already knew what to show me and what not. He has seen those places also so I get that he doesn’t want to see them again. It was fine by me.

So basically we walked through the Old Town and saw a few places. We also got a magnet and I got a cool bracelet – silicone one.

After a short walk we went back to the car and drove to one big park. He said this is a park to see. We strolled around it, saw a lot of buildings and some animals. Again not for long, because today we need to drive till home and it’s a 10 hour drive. So at 12 we were already back to the car and ready to drive off.

We drove and drove. Drove and drove. Drove and drove. Until it was after seven. So basically for seven hours we just drove. Huuuuh. Exhausting. Of course in between we had a small eating and shop break, because it’s very hard to just drive without any stops – for the driver.

The most memorable thing about this drive was, that we were standing in a LOOOOOONG line until we just decided to drive away from it a do a circle. What a great memory…

Before we finally arrived near to Poland border, but first…SHOP! We decided, that because Poland has so cheap prices, we gonna buy some food from Kaufland, which was big and cheap.

We came out with a 40 euro check, but it was cheap. We bought two plastic bags full of stuff for example two packs of coffee, two packs of washing powder, shampoo’s, conditioner, big soap bottle and so many more things. Only for almost 40 euros. It was a good buy!

We did a short eating break and back on the road we were. After crossing Lithuania border I didn’t see much, because it got dark, I fell asleep and woke up when it was already around twelve. Before one we arrived to Sergei’s parents place.

Can you imagine, his mom made us POTATOES. Not macaronis, POTATOES. Amazing! Finally!

That feeling to be back, right now is great. But soon we definitely gonna miss being on the road.